Southwest Shredding

Southwest Sanitation Co., Inc.

Southwest Shredding…

has made it possible since 2004 for companies to destroy sensitive material, an action required by the Federal Privacy Act of 1974.  We furnish your company with a secured 95-gallon dcontainer or secured console, which will be emptied at a scheduled time in our self-contained shredder truck right at your office.  We then recycle all the paper that is destroyed, because “We are for a cleaner tomorrow.”

Southwest Sanitation Co., Inc…

was founded in 1986 to provide the most reliable, secure, and economical commercial services in the area.  We started recyclcing a portion of our waste in 1990.  Since then, we have grown to 2000 tons of recyclable material per month.  We are pleased to serve our region as “We are for a cleaner tomorrow.”

We Are For A Cleaner Tomorrow.

Southwest Sanitation Co., Inc.

Southwest Shredding

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