Three Steps to Security and Peace of Mind:

Step 1

A security container will be placed in your facility for collection of secure materials.

Step 2

A uniformed Southwest Shredding representative will collect the material from the container on a scheduled basis.

Step 3

The material will be shred and destroyed in the self-contained truck just outside your facility.  A certificate of destruction will be issued once shredding is complete.

Your Perfect Solution For:

  • Legal Documents
  • Medical Records
  • Financial Records
  • Credit Reports
  • Tax Records
  • Computer Printouts, Disks, and Tapes
  • Outdated Business Records
  • Payroll and Personnel Information
  • Plastic Credit Cards
  • Identification Cards
  • Obsolete Forms: Blank Checks, Purchase Orders, Letterhead, Business Cards, Credit Memos
  • Other Sensative Information: Sales Reports, Financial Statements, Customer Lists, Invoices, Marketing Plans, Design and Engineering Notes, and more!

Looking for Recycling Services?

We Buy:

  • Papers (Loose or Baled)

  • Corrugated

  • Office Paper

  • Printers Mix

  • News and Other Paper

  • Other Recovered Materials

We Offer:

  • Equipment

  • Bins

  • Balers

  • Trailers

  • And More!

We Are For A Cleaner Tomorrow.

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Southwest Shredding

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